Situational Evaluation of Head & Shoulder muscles Shampoo

 Situational Analysis of Brain  Shoulder muscles Shampoo Composition

Head and Shoulders is a product of Proctor &

Gamble (P & G)

P& G is a international consumer goods company

based in Cincinnati oh., Ohio, USA

The firm was established simply by William Procter

and David Gamble in October thirty-one, 1837.

P& G established its India subsidiary " P& G

India” in 1964

serving over 600 million consumers in India Currently P& G India is present inside the following industry segments: --

 Magnificence and Combing  Healthcare  Baby care & Family Home proper care  Textile care  Snacks & Pet proper care

Purpose: " Touching lives, improving life”


Sanitary Napkins



Women skin care

Throw-away diapers


Shampoo Toothbrush

Men Combing

Respiratory Health care Hair color

2 . 0

Situational Research

SWOT analysis Strengths: -

• Set up company in India • Various brands are recognized to people • Strong distribution network • Availability of goods in different sizes

Weaknesses: --

• • • •

Less expansion in country market Often lagging t. r. capital t Clinic All Clear increase in use of shampoo as a result of increase in understanding increasing real income of population will help in the growth of shampoo marketplace

Opportunities: -

Threat: -

• • •

Financial condition of India is not very stable because of the world economic situation and Of india political condition Indian hair shampoo market is turning out to be very competitive Other herbal products which will replace shampoo or conditioner

PESTEL Research • Political: - In case the current scenario deteriorates to political instability, then the organization may have to lessen their organization and purchases of India, thereby affecting shampoo product line.

• Economic: - Because of the expansion in the

genuine income even more people can buy premium segment shampoos like H& S.

• Social: -- Due to the social developments

and awareness persons started using shampoo more often. This will put more income to shampoo or conditioner sales. • Technological: -- No recent effects. •...

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