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 John Dow in India Essay






Rapid advances in technology and liberalization of the Indian overall economy have created an ideal market for individuals trying to wrong use existing manufacturer values that have been cultivated and nurtured during time. Counterfeiting is a severe crime. Legislation punishes counterfeiters and those who purchase counterfeit goods (with fines and legal actions). Counterfeiting is often associated with money laundering and exploitation of kid labor. The first and foremost issue is know what is counterfeit.

The answer is fake is a great imitation the fake built usually with all the intent to deceptively represent their content or perhaps origins, thus increasing sales appeal because of the reputation of the imitated item. The word fake most frequently explains forgeries of currency or documents, nevertheless can also identify clothing, computer software, pharmaceuticals, designer watches, or more lately, cars and motorcycles, in particular when this ends in patent violation or hallmark infringement.

The most typical problem is that manufacturers of genuine top quality products are unable to obtain well-timed relief as the identity of the accused is certainly not easily ascertainable. This problem have been overcome by grant of what are known as " John Doe" orders.

Each of our objective on this case study should be to understand how this " David Doe" purchase has helped fight against counterfeit simply by studying the situation of Taj Television Limited vs . Rajan Mondal. This kind of order has taken action by appropriating the infringing goods every time they are located sometime later it was would electronic applied against any person who will be found to be an infringer.

A brief of Taj Television Limited

Taj Television Limited is a full-service television matter, based inВ DubaiВ MediaВ CityВ with eight local offices over the sub-continent. Taj was established in January 2001, and now it truly is owned simply by Zee. Taj Television India Pvt. Limited. Is a top sports broadcaster from Oriental Sub-Continent.

Taj Television Limited employs nearly 150 highly skilled and skilled professionals from all over the world. Its portfolio involves the 10 Sports, Ten Cricket andВ Ten Action+В channels, digital studio establishments and built-in transmission services for several broadcast consumers.

Ten stations are the most watched athletics channel probably across the sub-continent. Recent browsing data demonstrates that the funnel enjoys above 50% discuss of browsing of sports channels inВ IndiaВ and the pattern can be repeated over the region. Every one of the channels from Taj Tv are allocated exclusively to cable providers inВ IndiaВ by Taj Television India Pvt. Limited and are available with the leading DTH platforms.

ItВ maintains a energetic transmission system, which can 'turn around' a broadcaster's signal to almost anywhere in the world.

It is Harris Nexio AMP transmission system, combined with Harmonic compression, Irdeto encryption and customer management providers, provide an unequalled capability in theВ Middle East.

Taj may downlink by any number of satellites, modify the current program stream, add interstitials, then encrypt and uplink to one of the space portions on the Intelsat10 satellite, the footprint that spansВ LondonВ toВ Australia.

International football, cricket and motor sport will be among the leading sports incidents that Taj has distributed around the world for a variety of privileges holders.

Furthermore to it is three personal television channels, Taj TV SET provides engage in and transmission services to the Middle East'sВ ARTВ Cric One, Singapore's Starhub Football Channel, Southern region East Asia's Goal TV1 & GoalTV2 and Many DirectTVВ Willow CricketВ as well as distributing a huge selection of hours of sports content material per year by way of our satellite multiplex to broadcasters about Asia.


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