kingdom of matthias

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Storyline Summary

The dominion of Matthias tells the story of Robert Matthews, who have later required on the term Matthias the Prophet. A spiritual charlatan in 1830s New York, Matthews proven a " Kingdom" of fanatical fans, causing a nationwide scandal.

Matthews' most fervent follower was Elijah Pierson, who had been born right into a strict Calvinist church parental input but whom quickly received swept up inside the evangelical, " perfectionist" motion upon his move to Ny as a product owner. Elijah married a missionary woman named Sarah, and together that they established a " Retrenchment Society" and also other organizations built to spread the phrase of Goodness.

In her fervor, Dorothy literally performed herself to death, and died in 1830. The big event spurred Elijah toward craziness as he attemptedto raise Debbie from the dead during burial. Elijah started to hear God speak and he adopted the title Telepathist Elijah of Tishbe.

Simultaneous to these events, Robert Matthews was born and raised within a Scottish community called Coila. His father and mother died when he was fresh, and after many of his sons tragically perished, Matthews started to hear God and see prophetic visions. He adopted the name Matthias.

In May 1832, Matthews stopped at Pierson, and Pierson started to be convinced that Matthews was God's Forecaster. Matthews used Pierson's service provider wealth to ascertain " The Kingdom. " Matthews preached regularly to a tiny band of followers. Sooner or later, he reached regard Christianity as the Devil's job, and his beliefs was full of anti-woman hatred. Matthews persuaded a wealthy couple, Dernier-ne and Ann Folger, of his prophethood, and rapidly he established a community with the Folger home in Sing Sing, which in turn he named " Attach Zion. " Matthews reigned over his community with an iron fist, dressing extravagantly, bearing an unkempt facial beard, punishing seriously, and lecturing frequently.

Not content with the Christian conceiving of marriage, several of Matthews' followers forsake marriage to be united inside the " Heart of Truth. " This...

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