Hospitality Composition

Part 1: Written Questions

1 . Make clear the health procedures in the workplace.

In café 90073 the next hygiene types of procedures must be honored; * Personal hygiene- zero nail polish, hair attached back, regular showers, rinse hands regularly * Right food storage- FIFO

* Appropriate dress & protective wear- enclosed shoes and boots, apron, nylon uppers gloves to control meat slicer * Avoidance of get across contamination- colored coded cutting boards * Safe & hygienic controlling of disposal- double wrapping glass, acquiring rubbish to skip on regular basis to avoid attracting rodents * Documentation of food security program- HACCP

* Subsequent hygiene legislation- The Food Work (2003), The meals Regulations (2010), Food Specifications Australian & New Zealand (1991) installment payments on your List three hygiene hazards.

2. Not washing hands among raw and cooked meats, can lead to mix contamination * Not disposing rubbish regularly, can lead to rodent infestation, which in turn spreads disease and bacterias * Not really tying backside hair and wearing a cap/hat, will increase risk of hair coming into food or perhaps work areas 3. What steps do you take to report a personal health issue? If it is in the capacity to fix the problem directly with the individual at fault you should do this, for example; when a person was wearing toe nail polish, you could simply let them know this is not permitted in the meals industry when ever directly managing food as it is unhygienic with the risk of the polish flaking off in food. Though for most problems you should inform your director, it is in that case their task to control or perhaps eliminate the issue. If the trouble continues the consumer is at risk of losing their particular job. 5. What actions do you have if food has been polluted?

seafood: place in plastic-type bag make in refrigerator until rubbish is publish fruit & vege: place in scrap rubbish bin

meats: wrap in newspaper and throw away

5. List three factors behind food contaminants.

* Microorganisms: caused from bacteria in food...

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