Historical Overview of the Mummy

 Historical Overview of the Mummy Dissertation

Jacob Pierce

Background 302-001

Professor Thomason


The Mummy

The movie flashes forward to 1925 C. Electronic., where a brother and sibling team of Egyptologists get the help of a former Legionnaire to help these groups find Hamunaptra. During the course of finding the city, that they stumble upon the mummy of Imhotep and the Book of the Useless. After one of the many characters scans the initial passage of the book, Imhotep returns to our lives. After eradicating the holders of his canopic containers and harvesting their organs to replace his own, Imhotep attempts to kidnap women Egyptologist in order to sacrifice her to bring back Anck-Su-Namun. The ensuing fight over the woman and the future of Egypt takes place at Hamunaptra, where a myriad of mummy shenanigans take place. Eventually, the characters and heroine find the Book of Amun-Re and use it to wipe out Imhotep. The characters by ancient Egypt in the Mummyhave some basis in history, although they are not from contemporary eras. Sety I used to be indeed the 2nd pharaoh from the 19thdynasty while the movie claims, and he did probably rule by Thebes because so many of the New Kingdom pharaohs did. The year of his homicide is listed while 1290 N. C. Electronic., while many options have his reign long-term until 1279 B. C. E. when he died peacefully of all-natural causes. Another error arises in the opening scene from the movie that shows Imhotep looking from the Thebanpalace for the pyramids is inaccurate. The kings in the Thebes area in Top Egypt built their tombsin the Valley of the Nobleman, not in pyramids. In addition , the only region where 3 pyramids align in such a way depicted is within Giza, whichis much further to the north. In addition to the error in location, Imhotep had not been a High Priest but instead an builder of high renown. Imhotep designed Zozer's Stage Pyramid at Saqqara, however he was certainly not connected to any religious purchase as far as historicalrecords show. In addition , Imhotep was your architect of Zoser's pyramid and therefore lived...

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