Geology Exam Questions

 Geology Examination Questions Dissertation

1 . As viewed by an observer on the planet, a superstar that is moving away from the Earth would have ______ light energy dunes. A. extended

B. compressed

*E. both equally A and D will be correct

2 . The theory that tries to clarify the origin from the universe revolves around the idea that __________. *B. the original black pit exploded and scattered atmosphere of uncharged particles shifting at substantial velocities

3. What was the first factor formed during the creation from the universe? *B. hydrogen

5. Our solar system was created by simply:

*A. the contraction of clouds of elements at first formed by the explosion of supernovas

5. Approximately just how old is our world?

*A. 13. 7 billion dollars years old

six. Heat has been continuously released within the Earth through the technique of: *C. factors releasing subatomic particles and losing mass

7. Which usually of the subsequent minerals will not belong with the others? A. pyrite

N. bornite

C. sphalerite

M. cinnabar

*E. they all fit in together

8. An earthquake is diagnosed off the coastline of Vancouver Island. Which statement is quite correct *B. S-waves happen to be detected following P-waves

on the lookout for. In an area of the crust with an average geothermal gradient (from course manual), what could the temp be 22km below the surface, if the surface temperature is usually 25В°C? *D. 685В°C

15. The Hawaiian Island chain was formed in which one of the subsequent processes? *C. movement from the Pacific platter over a standing mantle remige causing the organization of a line of volcanoes

11. The Himalayas developed directly from the process of ________: *E. plate impact

12. Intermediate sized tectonic plates include which with the following? A. Nazca

M. Eurasian

C. Scotia

D. Cocos

Deb. all of the previously mentioned

*E. only A, C, and M

13. The floor of the Atlantic is extending: why in that case is there a ridge in the middle? *B. volcanism

14. How much temperature energy is needed to raise the temperatures of 50g of drinking water by 10В°C? *B. 500 calories

15. Match this item with the closest related phrase. Ls Rift

A. East Pacific cycles Rise

N. subduction region

C. Canadian Shield

*D. Mount Kilimanjaro

E. Support St . Helens

18. Globe's crust has been destroyed in _______ and created in ________. *C. subduction specific zones, divergent boundaries

19. A felsic mountain is formed by relatively ________ temperatures and it is the first to ________ when temperatures increases during burial.

*A. low, melt

21. Local metals generally have which in the following properties? A. substantial plasticity

M. only one form of bonding

C. good power conductivity

*D. all of the over

22. A mineral consisting of weak you possess, tends to have the following features: A. high solubility

N. soft

C. has generally ionic a genuine

D. provides mostly covalent bonds

At the. only A and C are appropriate

*F. A, B and C are generally correct

23. What is the most typical group of mineral deposits found in Globe's crust? *B. silicate mineral deposits

24. Which in turn minerals have similar structure but different composition? *D. albite and anorthite

twenty six. A(n) _______ magma is relatively high in _________.

A. andesitic; Fe, Magnesium and California

B. basaltic; K and Na

*C. rhyolitic; E and Bist du

D. granitic; Fe and Mg

28. When accozzaglia cools, which usually atoms tend to bond initially?

*D. si and air

28. Which in turn of the next statements holds true?

*D. the main reason for volatiles in magma to be unveiled is a quick decrease in limiting pressure.

30. This problem refers to radioactive decay. What is the parent/daughter ratio following two half-lives? *A. 1: 3

40. Which from the following terms does not are supposed to be with the various other? A. quartz

*B. rhyolite

C. olivine

D. muscovite

31. An igneous rock that cools rapidly at the Earth's area has which will of the next textures? C. aphanitic

M. glassy

*E. both C and D are likely

32. Igneous rocks are classified by their ______.

A. colour

M. texture

C. composition

*D. all of the over

33. If the Earth was relatively new, what gases had been present in the atmosphere? *A....

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