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I, HIMANSHU KUMAR PRIYA, (MARKETING) hereby declare that this dissertation titled, " CLIENT RELATIONSHIP SUPERVISION IN IDBI FEDERAL in sasaram The Role of, is based on the original project study conducted simply by me beneath the guidance of Prof. H. P TIWARY. This has not really been submitted earlier for the award of some other degree as well as diploma by SMU University or any different University.

Date: Place: (Himanshu Kumar Priya)


Certified that dissertation titled " Buyer Relationship Managment In IDBI FEDERAL in sasaram” is founded on the study executed by Mister. HIMANSHU KUMAR PRIYA of IV Session MBA underneath the guidance of Prof S i9000. P TIWARY. This dissertation is based on the original project study undergone and has not produced the basis to get the award of some other degree/diploma by simply Bangalore School or any other University.

(Prof. S. L TIWARY) ( Mr. A. K SINGH) Department of Management REPRESENTATIVE,


Date: Date: Place: Place:


Accredited that this dissertation titled " CUSTOMER MARRIAGE MANAGEMENT IN IDBI FEDERAL” is based on a unique project study conducted by simply Mr. HIMANSHU KR. PRIYA of IV Semester MBA(MARKETING) under my personal guidance. This kind of dissertation hasn't formed the basis for being any other degree / degree by SMU University or any other University.


Place: (Prof. S. P TIWARY)


The successful completion of this kind of project report would be imperfect without mentioning the folks who achieved it possible, whose guidance and encouragement dished up as route of accomplishment.

I exhibit my heart-felt gratitude to Prof. T. P TIWARY, Sr. faculty of SET ACADEMY, Sasaram for his guidance and supervision without which my personal study probably would not have been efficiently completed.

I as well wish to say thanks to all those participants who were patient enough in giving the answer to my personal questionnaire.

I are thankful to my parents, all the faculty people, friends, and all the people who straight and indirectly supported me personally in carrying out this Job.



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