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 accounts H Essay

Identity: Ronesha Rosal

Subject: Rules of Accounts

Name of project: Analyze of accounting procedures of B+M

Institution: Corpus Christi College

School number: 160013

Candidate's number: 160013

Teacher's brand: Ms. Valentine

Date published:


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Source documents Subsidiary magazines Invoices Funds Book Petty cash voucher Purchases diary Credit note Sales record Debit note Returninwards journal Cheques Returnoutwards journal Standard journal

Issue Sheet

Brian Martin began business as B + M ice-cream with capital-cash at bank 20 dollars, 000 on May 1st 2013. All expenditures below $40. 00 were to be recorded within a petty money book maintained the Imprest system and reimbursed by the end of every month, consisting of a float of $22.99.

1st Period

Might 1st Drew cheque for people who do buiness use $2000

May 2nd Reimbursed the petty cashier by cheque

May fifth Bought a great ice-cream refrigerator from standard distributors $8000 May 7th Bought electric pale pertaining to $6000 coming from Lucky Dollars Ltd Might 8th Bought mixed fruits from NAMDEVCO Ltd 1600 less doze ½ % trade price cut May 10th Bought condensed milk via Nestle Limited $1000 much less 10% control discount May possibly 12th Bought sugar pertaining to cash $600

May fifteenth Bought daily news cups twenty

May 16th Bought ice-cream bowls 25

May 17th Sold ice-cream for money $3600

May possibly 19th Sold ice-cream to West Bees Supermarket

Might 20th Distributed ice-cream to True Value $2500

May 21st Required a loan by simply cheque via R. M. C $1100

Might 22nd Bought stationary intended for the office $4

May 23rd Bought bleech for washing $3

May 24th Paid water prices by check $700

Might 25th Authentic value paid out $2000 simply by cheque which with price cut cleared all their account Might 26th Refunded part of the financial loan to L. B. C by check $3000

May possibly 28th Paid ice-cream personnel wages simply by cheque

May 29th Paid hire on building in cash $400

May 29th Cash revenue of ice-cream paid in to bank $5200

May thirtieth Bought notebooks to be found in the office

May 30th Received by talon for personal use

Might 31st Returned the small cashier by simply cheque

May 31st Stock on hand (fruits, dairy, sugar)

second Period

June very first Bought one other freezer coming from standard suppliers $7000 06 2nd Paid Namdevco Ltd their consideration to date by cheque and received a 5% funds discount Summer 3rd Bought fruits coming from Agro Digesting Ltd $1200

June fourth Bought condensed milk coming from Nestle Limited $1400

June 5th Bought sugar Albrosco Ltd $980

June sixth Bought standing $10

June 7th Paid out travelling expenses $6

June 8th Returned milk to Nestle because not of kind purchased $200 06 9th Marketed ice-cream to West Bees Supermarket $1600

June 10th West Bees returned your favorite ice cream as indulged $400

06 11th Finest West paid out their bank account by cheque having deducted 12 ½ % low cost June 12th Paid advertising in cash $150

June 13th Paid ice-cream workers pay by cheques

June 14th Cash product sales of ice-scream banked $5400

June fifteenth Bought plastic material cups twenty

June 17th Bank expenses on mortgage 12

06 18th Bought cleaning materials 6

June 19th Paid out Nestle Ltd their bank account to date significantly less 10% money discount by simply cheque 06 21st Paid water bill by check $180

June 22nd Bought notebooks five

June twenty third Paid hire on building by simply cheque $660

June 27th Drew by simply cheque pertaining to own make use of $900

Summer 30th Reimbursed the small cashier simply by cheque

Summer 30th Stock on hand (fruits, milk, sugar) was highly valued at $960


In both intervals fixed property are lowered at 10% per annum...

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