An Time of Dark Satire in Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut

Book Report: Cat's Cradle

The title of the book is definitely Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut in fact it is a genre referred to as dark satire. This book includes a first-person major point of view, through the eyes of an writer by the brand of Jonah, who wished to write a biography on the daddy of the nuclear bomb, Felix Hoenikker. But while he was performing his study, he stumbled after a weird adventure which led him into being the President of the united states San Lorenzo. On the way, we observe how a faith called Bokonon afflicted the behavior of several people. Not merely so, but we observe how man's naturally inclination of selfishness and madness would conclude as their private demise and sadness. Privately, I enjoyed this reserve since it used an extremely interesting and clever method showing man's true dynamics. The plot was quite enjoyable equally well, along using its unique humour. THEREFORE I would recommend this reserve to anybody.

The story took place in a number of different cities, but there are two primary places in which Jonah was almost all of the time; the united states of San Lorenzo and the town of Ilium, NY. Ilium was an infinitesimal area, a place where everyone knew one another, the sort of place where one can get from one end to some other on a bicycle very quickly. The only problem nevertheless was that it got a gloomy ambiance to it. It wasn't like any normal small town, persons usually do not gossip about each other, in fact, there was almost no conversation among civilians at all. That they had their own privacy

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