An Analysis of Capabilities of both Sides of the Man Brain

has two sides. And each includes a distinctly different method of

looking at the world.

Do you know that in order so that you can read this article, both sides

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of the human brain must do very different things? The even more we integrate those

two sides, the more integrated we turn into as persons. Integration not only

increases our ability to fix problems more creatively, but to regulate physical

maladies such as epilepsy and migranes, substitute certain damaged brain functions

and even figure out how to "thin" in to the future. A lot more startling is evidence

coming to light that we have turn into a left-brain culture.

Your brain's right and left aspect have distinctly various ways of

looking at the environment. Your two hemispheres happen to be as different from the other person as,

oh, Micheal Wilson and Shirley Maclean. The still left brain controls the proper side

of your body (this is reversed in about 50 % of the 15 percent of the population

that is left-handed) and, in essence, is normally logical analytical, judgemental and

verbal. It's interested in underneath brand, in being efficent.