A Biography of Thomas Edison, an American Inventor

On February 11, 1847 Thomas Alva Edison was created to Samuel and Nancy Edison in the tiny back space of their quaint brick property. The family members lived in the canal village of Milan, Ohio, where Samuel was an effective wooden shingle maker and Nancy was a retired university teacher. Known as "Al" in his youth, Edison was the youngest of four children. His mom had granted birth to six before Al, three which were sickly and passed away in infancy. This, in conjunction with the actual fact that he was the "very picture of his mother", manufactured Nancy Edison fiercely protecting of her frail, last child (North 13).

Although he was also a fragile baby, Al grew right into a rambunctious and curious little boy. He was always occupied experimenting in and discovering the enticing world around him. "His early on experiments included sitting all night on a nest of goose eggs to find if he will make them hatch. With scrap lumber in one of the sawmills he created little plank roads and villages. While striving to seek out a nest of bumblebees he was bunted by an angry ram. Life was consistently exciting" (North 18). He loved to take chances, and was fearless against the chance of his own mortality.

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In addition to his explorative antics, little Al asked endless concerns of anyone who would pay attention. When he was 3 years old, covered wagons traveled through Milan on the way to the precious metal hurry in California. Al would consult of the travelers: Where happen to be you from? Where happen to be you going? Why? What for? Relating to Edison, as he reflected back again on those childhood days, "This